Asphalt Benefits: Asphalt vs. Concrete

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Asphalt Benefits

asphalt benefits

Asphalt vs Concrete

The majority of residential and commercial driveways are finished with one of the two most cost-effective materials: asphalt or concrete.  If you are wondering what to choose for your project, there is no standard quick answer. Depending on your project needs, you may need one over another. That being said, asphalt has many benefits: it is cost-effective and is usually used for long-term solutions.


There have been significant advances in asphalt overlay technology in the recent years. An asphalt driveway can usually be laid in one or two days, depending on the size of the job.  Concrete, on the other hand, typically takes twice as long to lay and even longer to set.  Depending on the time of the year, asphalt can be ready to drive on or park on in as little as two days, while concrete can possibly take up to a week.


Asphalt is not subject to surface flaking caused by poor installation, incorrect mixture, and the use of salt to melt ice or snow.  This surface flaking, or spalling, is a common problem with concrete drives.  And, given asphalt’s flexibility, this type of pavement is certainly less likely to crack.

Lower Maintenance Costs

If your asphalt parking lot begins to show some cracking, you can have these repaired easily and inexpensively.  Also, the deep black color of asphalt helps to draw and retain more of the sun’s heat.  Snow will usually melt faster on an asphalt drive compared to a concrete drive. This makes it easier to maintain in winter, and improves safety in your properties.

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