Assess Your Potholes In The Beginning of Spring

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Beware of Parking Lot Potholes!It’s Time To Assess Your Potholes

March-the beginning days of Spring-blowing wind, cold rain, and still an occasional hint of snow. Too early to be thinking about your parking lot.  NO!  This time of year is the right time to start evaluating the condition of your parking lot.

Do you see a lot of holes that were not there last year? Now that most of the snow has melted, holes and cracks are much more visible. Where did these holes come from?  Water seeps through cracks in the pavement and expands and contracts with the varying temperatures common in the Midwest.  This water, trapped under the pavement, freezes, then melts, leaving a void.  The surrounding asphalt falls into these voids, thus creating potholes of various sizes and depths.

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What Should You Do?

Starting today, inspect your parking lot routinely.  Immediate attention should be given to these unsightly and potentially dangerous potholes as more extensive damage and costly repairs could be the result of ignoring the problem. Correctly repairing the potholes requires removing and replacing the asphalt in order to provide an enduring, liability-free surface.

Call a quality asphalt contractor (1.800.528.9078) for a full evaluation of your parking lot’s pothole situation, and fix it early before someone holds you liable for damages!

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