Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

Make a great first impression!

Beware of Parking Lot Potholes!You may lose business if your parking lot is turning people off right from the start.

It’s better to regularly maintain your lot,than ignore the potholes that are popping up right in front of you.

Don’t wait until you have to do a complete – and costly – resurfacing of your parking lot.

With proper maintenance and regular preventative measures you’ll extend the life of your asphalt lot.

Here are some parking lot maintenance tips:

Bad weather is the number one factor that causes a cracked, distressed and unattractive parking lot.  Here in northeastern Ohio, the annual freeze/thaw cycle does a number on our pavement.  Rain and snow can cause water to seep  into asphalt only to freeze and expand. Then, with the spring thaw we’re left with potholes!  If that’s not enough, the heat of summer causes plenty of damage through oxidation.  This causes your lot’s  pavement to become brittle and begin to crack.

Traffic is the other major factor that causes problems in your lot.  If your parking lot is heavily traveled, you’re at the mercy of those that use it.  If their car has a leaky engine, it will leave oily spots, which will then cause the asphalt to soften. Also, people spill stuff and  drop stuff, which also helps to depreciate your asphalt lot.

So what can you do?

A great cost effective way of protecting your lot is a good seal coating.  We always recommend that your first coat of sealant is applied two to three months after the pavement is constructed.  Then, keep an eye out .  If you see any cracks forming, they should be sealed with a rubberized crack sealer ASAP to help prevent a small crack from becoming a big problem.

Also, give your lot some TLC.  A good old fashioned sweeping will keep your parking lot free of dirt and debris. Keeping a clean lot will not only help with those coveted great first impressions, it will also help extend the life of your asphalt.

Here at Sable, it saddens us when we see a parking lot that’s been totally neglected and has fallen into disrepair. Don’t let that happen, it will cost you way more in the long run.

Keep your mind at ease with a great Preventative Maintenance Plan.  We can develop a customized program designed for your needs.  Sable Asphalt can help with  crack sealing, patching, repairs, seal-coating, and line striping.  Give us a call!


Image courtesy of Nord-Agrar International


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