Paving Asphalt Video by “How It’s Made”

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The documentary program “How It’s Made”  (broadcast on Discovery Channel and Science Channel ) has a segment on how paving asphalt is made.

It’s a great video with full demonstrations of the whole process, watch it below.

If you’ve never heard of the program, “How It’s Made” shows how common, everyday items  like bubblegum, guitars, cereal, snowboards, airplanes, and motors are made.  If you’re a science or technology buff, you’ll love this show.

Did you know what paving asphalt is made of?

95% of it is comprised of sand, stone dust, 5-10mm stone, and 10-14mm stone. The remainder is added later, and is made of liquid asphalt cement. Hey… you never know when that little bit of trivia will come in handy!


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