Quality Asphalt Paving – Top 3 Considerations

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No matter what professional service you’re contemplating, being an informed consumer will always save you time, money and irritation in the long run.

Of course, this pertains to the asphalt paving industry as well!  Here are three points to consider when looking for a quality asphalt paving company:

1.       Quality

Is the company you’re considering a proper – and verifiable – company, with equipment, manpower, insurance, and years of experience?  Or did the flashy ad on the internet lead you to a one-man “team” that’s willing to promise you the moon in exchange for the CHEAPEST pricing out there!

2.       Price 

While price is important, don’t simply hire the company that provides you with the cheapest quote.  Compare the quotes from your local asphalt paving companies.  If one company is offering a considerably lower price than the other guys, find out why.  How are they able to do this and stay in business? Are they skimping on materials?   Are they rushing through the job to cut down on man hours?  As well, if one company is more expensive than the others, ask why.  Ask the owner/operator what he feels his company offers that the competition does not.  He may be able to provide you with detailed information that does end up justifying his price. Do they use state-of-the-art equipment and the best possible materials?

3.       Work History

Do they have a portfolio of happy and established clients? What work have they done previously?    Is the company recommended? Also, consider how long the company has been in business and whether or not they’ve invested back into the company during that time.

Whether you’re a Business Owner, a Property Manager or a General Contractor, it would benefit you to think about these three points before you hire for your next paving project, and find a contractor that’s dedicated to quality asphalt paving.

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