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04 October 2012      No Comments
Job-sites Twelve Taco Bell parking lots, located in Cleveland and Columbus, OH (2 1/2 hours away) Duration of Project Taco Bell's Regional VP of Operations called us mid September and requested that all twelve locations be sealed and line striped by October. Project Scope Thanks to clear

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13 August 2012      No Comments
Make a great first impression! You may lose business if your parking lot is turning people off right from the start. It's better to regularly maintain your lot,than ignore the potholes that are popping up right in front of you. Don't wait until you have to do a complete - and costly - resur

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27 June 2012      No Comments
Here Are The Top 5 Seal Coating FAQ's We Get Asked: Why is it important to seal coat pavement? Seal coating should be a part of your pavement's Preventative Maintenance Program. Spend a little now to save a LOT later. How long does seal coating last? It depends on how old your pavemen

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