10 Things To Know About Crack Sealing

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Small Pavement Cracks

Seal those cracks before they become a big problem!

 Trivia Time!  

Here are some fun facts you may not know about crack sealing:


  1. It’s the most cost effective way to maintain your asphalt
  2. It extends the life of asphalt by preventing water damage to the sub-base
  3. Cracks need to be cleaned, a steel brush, pressurized air, or even a screw driver can do the job
  4. Due to winter freezes and spring thaws, some new cracks may appear after each year.
  5. It is very sticky!
  6. Crack sealant needs to be heated in a melter until it becomes fluid
  7. It can be applied to cracks that measure 1/4 inch to 1 inch in diameter
  8. The best time to rout and seal is during late summer to mid-fall
  9. After sealant has been poured, it’s best to protect it from traffic for 30-45 minutes
  10. Crack sealing, if done properly, should provide a minimum service life of five years with no debonding.

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