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Sable Asphalt in Akron, Ohio

Asphalt Paving Solutions in Akron, OH Since 1988!

Sable Asphalt is an asphalt paving service provider based in Akron, Ohio. Whether you are the owner of a hotel or restaurant, you know the value of an accessible, easy to navigate, and well maintained parking lot. The easier it is to get around and park in your parking lot, the better the first impression is for your customers. Ultimately, we do it all; we can either excavate and grade your land for a brand new lot, or we can resurface, and maintain your pre-existing lot. Also, sealcoating is something we offer and it is definitely something worth considering for your lot.

Are the painted lines fading away from the harsh tests of the weather? No problem! Sable Asphalt also offers parking lot striping as a service, where you can get a fresh coat of paint on those lines quickly and efficiently. Is your lot riddled with cracks that inevitably get worse over time? You’ve guessed it! Sable Asphalt offers asphalt patch and repairs as well. The bottom line is, Sable Asphalt Akron, Ohio is the obvious choice for your asphalt paving needs, so why wait? Get in touch with us today and get a free evaluation and quote!


quality asphalt paving guarantee

With a team of highly skilled workers, we can guarantee that you will get high quality performance at all times. The right work for the right cost at the right speed!


Sable Asphalt Akron, Ohio

Sable Asphalt did an excellent job, completing the work in a timely manner and greatly improving the appearance of our property. Sable Asphalt enabled our complex to stay open with as little inconvenience to the tenants as possible! Thanks!

(4.5 / 5 stars)

I couldn’t be more proud of the entrance to my restaurant! Such great paving work and I love that you guys at Sable Asphalt are so close by to us in Akron. Thanks so much!

– Rosie Atkins

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previous asphalt clients in Ohio