Asphalt Patch and Repair

Asphalt Patch and Repair

Fix Your Parking Lot with Our Asphalt Patch and Repair Service

Have a localized asphalt problem area in your parking lot?

A problem with potholes?

Asphalt Patching may be just what you need.

Sable Asphalt will evaluate your parking lot to determine the type of pavement repair that will be necessary. Depending on the situation, sometimes a surface asphalt patching is all that is required.

If you’re starting to get cracks…

A very economical way to preserve your pavement is to seal the cracks. The process includes filling cracks a ¼ inch and wider with a filler heated to 300 degrees. This rubberized heated material is applied hot to the crack and then V Squeegeed into the crack to create a rubber bridge. However, this process is not intended for alligator areas in the pavement.

 Contact Sable Asphalt to schedule your Free Evaluation. We come out to your property and perform a complete evaluation of your asphalt. We look for potholes and areas that show sign of deterioration. We then compile a detailed quotation for your review.